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Bring your Osclass website to a new level!

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Bring your Osclass website to a new level!

Clean design

Beautiful modern design that adapts to your any mobile device.

All the platforms

Supports Android and iOS, but can also run straight from the browser.

Modern technologies

Built with the cross-platform Ionic Framework and the newest Vue 3.

Fast support

Once bought, we’ll help you get your App online and ready in no time.


Check the screenshots.


Read about the key features.

Native look & feel

Design automatically adjusts based on device, using Material UI for Android devices and Apple’s design language for iOS devices.

Great user experience

Unlike any Osclass theme, our App is made for mobile devices only, providing your users with the best experience on the go.

Easily configurable

Configure your App directly in Osclass admin, and bring it up a notch by writing some CSS in the App files, just like with regular themes.

Osclass versions

Works out of the box with most Osclass versions (Osclass 3.9, Mindstellar 5.0, Mindstellar 5.1, Osclasspoint 4.4, Osclasspoint 8.0).

Source code

The App comes with the complete source code meaning you can modify it however you want with basic HTML & CSS knowledge.

Simple publishing

We will compile Android and Web versions of the App free of charge. We also offer publishing to the Google Play store.


Give it a try.

You can test our demo app, directly on your phone.

For iOS devices, please refer to the browser version as the in-store version is not available at the moment.

Give it a try.
Give it a try.