Frequently Asked Questions

Osclass App supports Android, iOS and Web (PWA).

We will compile Android and Web versions for you free of charge. We also offer publishing to the Google Play store.

To compile and publish the app to the Apple App Store, you will need a Mac device along with Apple Developer membership.

Osclass App works out of the box with most Osclass versions (Osclass 3.x, Mindstellar 5.x, Osclasspoint 8.x).

If you are aren't sure which Osclass version your site has, or will the app support it, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get it sorted.

Osclass App and it's code is fully separated from your default Osclass frontend, your theme modifications and your plugins.

Currently supported plugins include Osclass Pay, Instant Messenger, Google Login, Profile Picture, and more.

We also offer integration of any other plugin.

Osclass App will be compiled and published for you free of charge.

Further minor modifications like changing colors, reordering elements or putting a new icon will be done free of charge.

Any other complex modifications are not included.

Osclass App comes with the complete source code meaning you can modify it however you want.